Monday, April 8, 2013


I am back, sitting here tapping away on the keys enjoying the cool Autumn breeze from our new (to us) bedroom.  We have finally moved in, I can honestly say that while moving with two children is harder than one, it still hasn't trumped moving countries at 34 weeks pregnant.

A few days before Easter three men with missing teeth descended on our rental house and managed to drop many things, forget to load onto the truck a ridiculous amount and tell as many sexist and demeaning jokes in my presence as possible, but they got it (mostly) done.  I feel safe to say that I am a pro unpacker, the bulk of it was done within two days and our living areas are now complete.  All looks well just so long as you don't look in the storage area under the house!

It has been a great move, we are so happy in this house so far.  Each time I open another cupboard I discover a gem from the past, broken hearts written in the depths of children's cupboards, old newspapers and discarded boxes of matches.  I am in vintage heaven!

I am discovering the light, where it greets us in the morning and the best spot to have those first sips of coffee.  

Of all the dreaming and brainstorming I am pretty keen for this carpet to be amongst the first things that go, under that gorgeous pattern is some beautiful hard wood floors just crying out to be polished and shown off!

Over the next few weeks I will be taking the photos all ready to be labelled and put into our before album, as we start the designs for the first of our many projects.  Exciting times ahead here and I can't wait to share it all!

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