Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So I did it, I put on my running outfit, tied my laces and ran my little legs out.

16 weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I was going to ignite my passion for running once more, to make sure I stuck to my goal I signed up for a 5k run as part of the Mooloolaba triathlon series and we decided to make a weekend of it.  Well this last weekend I packed up the car, waited for Han to arrive from WA and drove us all up the sunshine coast for a weekend of sun, beach and running.  I was pumped.

The weather was amazing, it has rained every time we have been to the beach for the last few years and the last few weeks of monsoon rain in Brisbane had me yearning for some sun on my shoulders.

We spent so much lovely time sitting by the water, running through the water and enjoying being away from the normal day to day life.

I enjoyed my run.  Surprising myself I shed a few tears as I crossed the finishing line, this isn't a monumental achievement, so many people can run 5Km, I used to be able to do that and more when I was younger but the act of setting a goal and seeing it through was empowering.  I was able to see myself again, not just a wife, mother, daughter and nurse which is all that exists in my day to day life.

It is an amazing life transformation  becoming a wife and mother, and many people have written wonderful essays on the topic, I know I am not alone, but I believe every woman has to learn to continue to transform within that life, so that we don't resent the change but also continue to blossom within our new roles.  Of course that is harder said than done, it has taken me a long time to learn this and ensure that I find a passion in my life that will fuel me through the harder days and weeks that are inevitable.

After the run we enjoyed more family time, by the beach, or the river.  Han and I could often be found with coffee in hand thanks to babies who don't like to sleep on holidays, trying to keep all the beach paraphernalia under control, while still enjoying making family memories with our two boys that will keep us warm as the colder months start to set in.

I left Mooloolaba with my first 5K done and a passion for doing more, already dreaming of running a better time next year and full of love for this lovely family of mine.  I think we will all be ok, life is pretty fantastic.


  1. That is really wonderful Alanah! I'm so in awe of your determination and perseverance in sticking it out. (Also in awe of your passion for running...)
    Ronnie xo

    1. Thank you! Every time I start to feel a bit discouraged while running I remember that feeling of crossing the finish line.