Friday, April 12, 2013

Teething sucks!

I am sitting here, looking out over our street as the rain taps on the window, sipping my tea in an effort to not drink anymore coffee just yet.  Exhausted.  Hugo is teething, a common occurrence for all kids around this age, you finally get them sleeping through the night, just getting used to the idea of a good solid sleep again when little white teeth start forcing their way through gums.

A matching pair for the bottom ones shouldn't be too far away, and then sleep will be restored, until next time anyway.  While we wait though Nespresso can rest assured that we will be keeping them in business.

We have had a quiet week, gearing up for Kindy to return next week and a faster pace of life, the break has taught me how much Otto has changed in the first term.  Gone is my little boy, he is fast becoming the independent child I always knew he was going to be, our conversations are so much more thought provoking, less mundane and much more challenging for me to have all the answers.

There is a bond happening here too, these little boys are starting to play more, fight more over toys and attention and look towards each other for fun than ever before, it is thrilling to watch.

Let's all hope that tonight brings with it some more sleep for us all.  Happy weekending!

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