Saturday, April 27, 2013


Otto:  Rescuing the watering can from over the fence.  He finally managed to get it with that broom too!

Hugo:  This little one loves planes, his world stops for the few minutes it takes for them to fly by and  we all pause and watch with a smile as we waves at them from below.

Croup and the nasty barking cough have once again descended on our house, leaving us all with little sleep and a newfound love of coffee.  I had heard that the first winter season of Kindy was tough, we are all starting our dose of olive leaf today!

As always, linking up with Jodi over at che and fidel.


  1. Ohh, the concentration on their faces (Otto even has that tongue thing happening.) So cute. xx

    1. Thanks, that tongue is making so much more of an appearance these days!