Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hugo:  Sat and played with Otto's train for such a long time, concentrating hard on the movement of the wheels and workings of the pistons.

Otto:  A new helmet to match the flames on his bike, he was ready to "ride like fire"!

It is nice to be able to join in with Jodi again now that we are settled.  I like that doing this project gives me pause to stop and reflect over the week we have had before moving forward to the next one.


  1. The kids are cute as ever! Now that the weather has cooled, its perfect for a bike ride. xx

  2. Concentrating faces are the

  3. The concentration on Hugo's face! And Otto looks ready to join BMX bandits. :)

    x Laura

  4. That is such a sweet photo of your little Hugo concentrating. And that new helmet will I'm sure have your little one zooming around on his bike:)