Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brisbane's newest train fanatic.

Saturday rolled around at this house and a case of the grumps had taken hold of Han, so the kids and I treated him to some Daddy alone time.

While Han flexed his muscles at the gym and caught a movie we headed to the Ipswich rail museum which is always a big hit.  Last time we were there Hugo slept through the whole thing and the small pockets of awake time were filled with milk.  It was so interesting this time to take him back and see how much more interested he is in the world around us.

That, and this kid loved trains.

Otto raced around all the exhibits, climbing on the trains, working out how to get the simulations to work.  It is amazing to see how even in a few months his ability to problem solve has changed.  Sometimes I catch a glimpse that gives me hope that we will indeed move past the irrational three year old!

I always love the grounds of this museum, so old and well conserved.  All that red brick and architecture that feels as though it was not only planned to be functional but beautiful at the same time.  Unpretentious and unassuming, so much of the new buildings have lost "feeling", these exude warmth to me.

We had time to do a tour offered of the blacksmith area.  It was definitely a highlight for all of us, Otto joined up with a bunch of older boys and stuck with them through the whole tour.  His Independence is amazing me, I can see lots of ignoring and eye rolling from him in my near future.

The best part of the day was certainly the extra "I love you's" and enthusiasm for such a good day on the way home.  It makes the tiredness really worth it, when you see those happy faces.

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