Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Salad Spinner Art.

Our messy play date this week was cancelled, sickness, general life and holidays (lucky for some) meant something had to give.

Today Otto and I stayed in our pyjamas far longer than usual and just hung out, changed wardrobes over from winter to summer clothes and caught up on the washing.  Oh the thrilling life we lead.  In between all those exciting chores we did some activities, one of which I have been waiting to try out for a long time.

Salad spinner art.  I finally saw a salad spinner at our local markets for $2 last week and grabbed it.  All we needed were paper plates, but I haven't been able to find any of them lately in the supermarket, and decided lunch bags would probably do.

We started by putting some paint drops, closing the lid and spinning away.

 Otto loved the spinning, craft isn't his favourite activity and it is always enjoyed more if there are instant results.

A bit more paint, and some more spinning and paint started to splash onto the outside of the spinner, that got some attention!

The finished product.  Otto was thrilled with it, but I am still on the hunt for some paper plates, from what I have seen on the internet that would give it an even better spread of the paint while it is spinning.

This went straight to Dea Dea's house (my mum) for her fridge.

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