Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have so many photos on my computer, it is almost ridiculous, often I will open a folder to discover the memories locked inside there and have a smile (or grimace) about what I find.  I am going to document them here as, slowly, I know these memories will fade, they make up who I am, who I was and often hold keys to Han and I evolving as a couple, and they deserve to be documented.

So here we go, a photo I selected from clicking on a random folder.........

Rainbow Beach circa 2004 (?)

In this photo with us are Jenn and Keelan, our very dear friends from Canada.  I met Jenn whilst studying nursing at QUT and we quickly became good friends, bonding over coffee, nursing notes and wine.  The folder is telling me that it is 2004 but I can't be 100% sure it is right, but let's just say it was from around that time.

I had just bought my first 4WD, Han was working away most of the time in the desert, 6 hours from civilization, and I was working as a graduate nurse.  Life was good! (except the whole distance thing).

We took my 4WD up to Rainbow beach and tested it out, it was a weekend of drinking bad wine late into the night in dodgy pubs, pristine drives along white sandy beaches, and wonderful hikes in the area.  Jenn and Keelan hadn't been to this area before and we had a great time showing them around.  Sadly this lovely couple moved back to North America not long after this weekend and we haven't seen them again (unless you count facebook!), we are hoping one day to head that way whether it be for work or pleasure and if it included bad wine and late nights, all the better!

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