Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello Spring.

As I am sitting here writing I am watching the slight breeze billowing through the curtains while the neighbours sprinkler is tick, tick, ticking away, making my eyes heavy and my heart happy, childhood memories of playing under the spray of water are being replayed in my mind.

Spring has arrived, I have flung the windows open, applied sunscreen and asked Otto a million times today where his hat is.  Hugo felt the breeze on his naked legs and arms, while I worried about how many layers he needed thanks to the sudden warmer weather.

 I have seen around the blogging world lots of summer 'bucket lists' and, while I wasn't sure if it would suit us this year I am going to give it a go, sometime over the next few weeks I will publish it here and try and keep myself checking things off it.

Otto has been loving playing with and in water again, he has rarely been clothed in more than a singlet and undies and more often less these last few days at home, making my washing pile grow thanks to his constant need to shed layers.

We headed off to our local water park this morning, Otto in his superman togs (swimmers for those of you not from Queensland) and Hugo with bare legs and arms, a first for him in his life and I am pretty by the rate of his kicking legs that he was happy with the situation.

I am also welcoming the shedding of layers, hopefully with it the final (more than a few) baby kilo's I collected this pregnancy.  Oh spring/summer I have very high hopes for you this year indeed.  It will be my last few months with Otto full time before he starts kindy and I want to grab every morsel and live every second of the last few precious moments.

My smile is wide, my heart is full and I need to remember to shave my legs tonight, seems about right for the start of spring. 

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