Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May!

So today is the 1st of May, it deserves mentioning for a few reasons.  The month of April is over, it was the best and absolute worst of months I have experienced in quite a while, I also start a new training regimen for a half marathon in 12 weeks time, it will mark the halfway point in my treatment and I am hoping to bring my time in under 2 hours.

I decided to start the month off right, a 5km run into the city from Toowong with the kids, a picnic breakfast overlooking the river seemed like perfection, especially as the weather is set to cool down into a proper autumn over the weekend.  It was as lovely as I had hoped, both boys were entranced by the tunnels, bridges, cyclists and city cats.  I couldn't stop smiling as I ran, happy to be able to breathe the fresh air and appreciate my ability to get out of the house and run, we had a lovely morning frolicking in the water and sand, chasing birds and heading back to the car by boat on the city cat.  We really do live in a wonderful city.

 Of course as every new training program starts I make certain to also have some nutrition goals, such as no wine or chocolate during the week, plenty of protein and carbs and lots of water.  Then at night I find myself with a glass of wine and chocolate beside me, I am nothing if not consistent!

At least there is always tomorrow night to get it right!!!

Swimming day tomorrow, it has been a good few weeks since I have entered the pool, and the temperature has dropped considerably in that time, wish me luck!

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