Friday, May 9, 2014

When nothing goes to plan.

So this week started off well, Hugo and I went to the pool, I got a nice recovery swim and we were settling into our week, I had researched some different running routes to change our routine and couldn't wait to give them a try.  That all came to a grinding halt when Hugo woke hourly, sometimes twice an hour on Monday night, finishing with a temperature over 40 degrees for hours that I couldn't get down no matter what.  Off to the doctor with my sick little bunny who had a horrible case of tonsillitis, his poor throat looked so sore, and he looked even worse.

Thankfully I knew with the antibiotics he would soon start feeling better.  Obviously I put all training on hold, there was no point stressing his body out sitting in a cold pram and I was feeling pretty exhausted as well, there was always the end of the week and our life comes first.

By midday Wednesday there was a big improvement, I was having trouble getting him to rest and keep quiet, so after picking Otto up from Kindy I decided we would head out for a bike ride with our new bikes seat for Hugo.  At least Hugo would get some fresh air and we could leave the house without him over exerting himself.

 We had a great time, Hugo giggled the whole way and Otto felt like such a big boy riding beside me, exactly what we all needed after such an exhausting few days, it is always hard to see your children sick and miserable and be unable to do much to make them feel better, that there is so much relief when they get back to their normal troublesome selves!

I was so hopeful that the worst was done, so imagine my surprise when I again spent the whole night awake with Hugo for what appeared to be no reason, no temperature, he was warm enough without overheating, he wasn't hungry or thirsty.  The next morning it all became clear in the light of day.  The poor little boy's mouth was covered in cold sore's, his immune system so depleted that they couldn't fight them.

Just to be sure it wasn't a drug allergy we headed back to the doctor, only to be told it was as I suspected and there isn't much we can do.  Thankfully now the swelling has gone down but a big red angry rash extending underneath his chin is in place until they finally go away, Hugo has been through so much this week, and other than looking like he has come off second best he is in good spirits and finally sleeping again, I haven't done any form of training and that is fine with me, the Mothers Day Classic is on tomorrow and hopefully my little ones will be well enough to attend, if not they will stay at home and continue to recover with Han.

I did manage to source some great homemade fudge from a fete this morning and a new book for Otto, so all is not lost, but we are hoping that our turn for some good news isn't too far away.

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