Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rest day ramblings.

Today as the title would suggest is a rest day.  I have heard that most people hate rest days and get cranky, I am the complete opposite, it is my day to go to work, have a glass of wine, soak in the bath and watch a TV show, I LIVE for rest day!

As the half marathon is fast approaching I am noticing that I am absolutely pushing my body to limits it hasn't reached before, which is thrilling and motivating, but also bloody exhausting.  It hasn't been a wonderful coincidence that this training period has also coincided with some of Hugo's worst sleeping patterns since he was a newborn, I am one tired woman desperate for a massage, sleep in and chocolate!

I keep reminding myself that I am almost there, I can almost see the finish line, the race hasn't even really begun and I am already proud of what I have achieved, now I just need to keep the momentum going for a few more weeks and visualise the champagne, chocolate and chips and hamburgers (do I need to go on!) that will be at the finish line.

But, for tonight I will celebrate the end and beginning of another training week with a hot soak for my sore aching muscles, half a glass of wine and dietitian approved desert, knowing that in a few weeks I will miss my training program and goal, only to search out a new one and start training all over again.

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