Sunday, March 16, 2014

Can we start the weekend again?

EDIT:  I have just read through this post again, it certainly wasn't my most eloquent!  Oh well, that is what happens after a bad weekend of little sleep.

This weekend has been a funny one, some great moments but I will probably mostly remember the tough ones.

We started out with a great Saturday morning, another excellent park run that the boys happily sat for, and I managed another PB thanks to mum who pushed the kids for me the last km as she had to stop due to injury.

25:54!  One morning I will hopefully get to run it without the pram and see just how fast I could go.

The boys had a lovely play in the water park while we enjoy what is hopefully summer's last hot weekend.  Before heading home to go to a birthday party.
From there the weekend went downhill, Hugo hasn't stopped whinging and crying, Otto completely stopped listening and acted as though we had given him some sort of crazy child medicine, no matter what we did, how we tried to parent this weekend was just rough.  We are all exhausted, hot and sick of hearing and saying NO!

Tonight I have turned my attention to preparing for race week, what do I need to eat, sleep and prepare so that I turn up as race ready on Sunday as possible.  In all my research I have found that of course I need to sleep as much as I can, eat high carb low fiber and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Nothing new there.  I feel pretty good going into this final week, ready to get it over with and race on Sunday, see what this body and my legs can do.

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