Monday, March 3, 2014

A roller coaster of a weekend.

My goodness what a crazy, happy, devastating and celebratory weekend we have just had.  I feel like I have been through the emotional washing machine.

Saturday morning I decided to head to a park run that has started in my area, I took the kids with me so that Han could catch up on some sleep after working hard all week.  I wasn't expecting much from myself, sure it is timed and a good way to practice race skills but I had the boys with me and a triathlon the next day so didn't want to push it.  There were a few other pram pushers there ranging from 1-2 kids, with some of them looking well kitted out and professional.  The starting whistle went and we were off, next time I will not stick to close to the back with the pram as I got stuck behind lots of walkers and dogs, but once I broke free and got running it felt great, I chatted to some people remarking on the pram and started to pass other pram pushers.  It suddenly hit me, I was leading the prams!  I have no idea why that is such a big deal to me but at that moment I felt invincible and also suddenly competitive, there was no way I was giving my first pram pusher spot up now.  So I started to push myself a bit more, and crossed over the finish line in 27:16!  5th person to cross in my age category and 19th woman over the line.  I was ecstatic when I saw those times, but slightly kicking myself for not making it the easy run I promised myself.

The kids had a wonderful time, especially as there is a brilliant playground right next to the run and I was happy thanks to a mobile coffee van who was parked conveniently there at the finish line.  It was a great way to start the weekend, a 5km run, along the river with other people trying to reach their goals.

After racing home and showering I then attended the funeral of my high school friend.  Talk about bringing you back down to earth.  So many people attended showing just how loved Carolina was in her life, which was so tragically short.  She achieved so many amazing feats in just 33 years, many more than most people will do in their whole lives.  It was harrowing to witness first hand the grief of her husband and family, and certainly made me appreciate so much more my health and the health of those around me.

After celebrating such an amazing life, we headed to celebrate the 4th birthday of one of Otto's friends, complete sorrow to happiness again!

Then on Sunday I competed in the last Bribie Triathlon of the series.  I will recap that event soon, triathlon is certainly becoming the sport that likes to teach me about aspects of my personality I hadn't yet discovered!

Now that is what I call a huge weekend, this weekend is shaping up to thankfully be a lot less intense.

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