Thursday, June 6, 2013

Growing up up and up!

Hugo's first birthday seems like such a long time ago now, so much has happened, but it sits like a beacon in my memory as such a wonderful celebration of an amazing little boy.

As Hugo is enthralled with all things in the air as well as balloons, I decided a hot air balloon party would be just the ticket.  Pinterest became a lifeline as I researched achievable decorations for this craft challenged mother.  I wanted it to be simple, suitable for a park and cost effective.  I was certainly more than happy with the results.

First up were the invitations.  I worked with the same printing people that have done all of our invitations since the wedding and as always they were right on the ticket for an excellent price.  I couldn't have been happier when I first saw them.

The decorations took a bit more thought, I had done the tissue pom pom's for Otto's first birthday and didn't really want to re visit that version of hell, instead deciding to create a new hell, the very simple tissue paper garland.  I must say, these were a lot easier to make than the pom pom's and much more forgiving of rough handling and crooked scissor lines!

I thought that they looked really effective and both garland's handled the transport well, now hanging up in our home.  As well as the garlands I crafted some hot air balloons that held the clouds (marshmallows).  These took FOREVER for me to make, especially as I continued to get the measurements wrong.  The sense of achievement was immense however when I finally put them together and they looked like I imagined (especially if you didn't squint too hard!).

The best part for everyone at the party was the hot air balloon, I used the same idea with the tissue paper garlands and made mini crepe paper ones for the outline of the basket, and then ordered a huge balloon filled with helium to attach to it.  We managed to get so many wonderful family pictures of our family and our friends and I am sure to treasure them.

Then there was the cake, earlier on the Friday morning as I pulled it out of the oven Otto and I had a discussion that as I molded it into a hot air balloon I would make a special little cake for him with icing, but, he had to leave it alone at that moment.  I should have known better, not more than two minutes later I find Otto with crumbs falling out of his mouth and a huge chunk out of the cake.  This was not my finest moment and Otto rightly decided it might be time for some quiet time in his room!

It did in the end work out ok, as long as you don't look at the green side too closely!

I am not particularly good at decorating cakes, and all things considered was pretty happy with how it looked.  The best part was that it tasted pretty nice too.

 By the end of the day we headed home, bark littered through every piece of clothing, icing wiped on the birthday outfits, extremely happy.  Our lovely Hugo celebrated his first trip around the sun surrounded by family and friends, happy and secure in the love that surrounds all of us.  It was a wonderful celebration.

Now Otto has decided on a dinosaur party!  Thank goodness for Pintrest.


  1. SO CUTE! And I love the bow ties!

    1. Thank you! I almost died when I saw the bow tie, not to mention the hat!