Friday, June 7, 2013


For anyone that follows me on Instagram you would have seen me start posting about finding treasures and geocaching.  Safe to say that it is the latest craze in our family.

I was first told about this while at work waiting to deliver a patient back to the ward in the early hours of the morning.  At first my tired riddled brain really didn't take it on but it sounded intriguing enough to look into it further.  I googled and came across the official website, within minutes I was hooked and only days later we hunted our first cache with friends. 

Our first cache was only 500m from home so it was an easy adventure and we found it without too much trouble.  From a parenting perspective I love it, Otto is learning about direction, following a map or GPS, we see a lot of nature while we walk in different directions and talk constantly about this bird or that butterfly.  There are also conversations about robots coming and saving the dinosaur eggs which belong in the big holes we step over, so I have no fear that his imagination is also getting a good workout.  I love being outside, he loves being outside, as far as I can tell the negatives are a few spider webs and bugs to deal with.

We have found all sorts of different tins, some that can only hold a log book, others hold treasure to swap.  It is great to be able to read through the log book and look over people that have been there before us.  The most amazing part for me is the sheer amount worldwide, there are over 2million people looking for these caches and we have discovered new areas around our house while looking.

Today we found our fifth cache and it was by far the most difficult, probably not the best idea for me to wear a skirt and ballet flats!  The fun we had while searching for it was wonderful, we came upon some stunning birds, gorgeous butterflys and were rewarded with views of the Brisbane river the whole way.  Not a bad way to spend a Friday with my boys before heading off to work.  Otto was so happy to spot this cache in a rusted out car which appears to have fallen from the top of the cliff (would love to know the story behind it!). 

I can't reccomend this enough, such a great adventure to have with our children, teaching them about this amazing world, exploring, and having so much fun.

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