Saturday, June 29, 2013


Otto:  Duplo clicked with you big time this week.  Your engineer father is secretly thrilled!  I am enjoying watching you create, imagine and explore.  I am not enjoying stepping on it quite so much.

Hugo:  Oh my dear poor boy, you were sick this week, the worst I have ever seen you.  Your entire mouth has been full of ulcers, and six surrounded your mouth making it impossible to eat.  This was your first smile in days and I almost cried at the sight.  We are back on track and you are able to eat more than yoghurt and custard now.

I am so appreciative of this project, earlier in the week I looked back through all the posts and it made me so happy to see my boys smiling and changing faces, as well as a description of what we have done.  Thank you so much Jodi, as always it is a pleasure to link up to you.


  1. Oh poor H - but he still managed to pull a big toothy smile. Trust me, Duplo is just fine - wait until he gets into Lego. All those teeny, tiny pieces end up everywhere. xx

  2. I agree with Caroline ... lego ends up everywhere. I still manage to find long lost bits of Lego around the house ... and my boys are teenagers now!
    Great pictures ... but sad to hear Hugo has been feeling under the weather.
    Hope you have a better week this week :0)