Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Park Run.

So I gave myself the week off after the half marathon, if you even mentioned exercise or running to me on Monday I would have felt sick, beside the fact it was terribly difficult for me to walk, and go up or down stairs!

The weather was awful, torrential rain with absurd humidity and heat did not persuade me any further to head out and pound the pavement or do some laps in the pool.  We wagged swimming lessons on Friday and spent the morning recovering at home, listening to the rain on the roof and doing fun things like covering the bath in shaving cream.

Hugo completely freaked out, found the only clean corner and started obsessively wiping it off with a washer, he is his father's son, and yes, I did rescue him from the evil that is shaving cream.  

I did find the resolve however to go to park run on Saturday morning. It is always such a lovely start to the weekend, plenty of people to run alongside, PB to obtain and a great park for the kids to play in once we are done and I have secured a coffee from the coffee van.  This Saturday was no different, there was a break in the rain but sadly not the humidity, however we powered on and got it done, a great start back into training.  Did I mention I signed up for another half in August, obviously I have gone mad.......

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