Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life lately.

Things have been a bit slow on the blog, because thankfully life has been a bit slow.  I haven't signed up to any events for the month of April and decided to take a break from so much training.  I am still getting out there and running, riding and swimming, I couldn't imagine my life now without it, but some of the intensity has gone.  I have another half marathon to complete in August, so soon I will be setting training goals and pushing myself to hopefully make a PB of completing it within two hours, but for right now, I just need some rest.

The boys and I have been making the most of our current school holidays and exploring what is on in our wonderful city.  Our first port of call was the deep sea exhibit at the museum, Otto had been counting down the days until this opened for two weeks, which is a crazy long time when you are four!  It was a major hit, especially as the childrens area is themed around the Octonauts TV show.  I loved that it was such a well thought out exhibit, there is plenty to keep the children amused as you walk through the different areas and so many interactive stations for them to explore.  It also isn't a massive display, so for most of the time I could let the children move around on their own and I could keep my eye on them, it is always so much more enjoyable for everyone if I am not restricting them to a pram or holding my hand!

As usual we have spent some time at the local Koala Sanctuary, it is a school holiday, bad day, weekend with no plans staple around here.  We are lucky to be yearly members and live so close to such an amazing animal Sanctuary.  I imagine there aren't many kids who wake up and decide they want to feed Kangaroos that day and actually get to do it.

Of course, we have spent a fair amount of time lazing around at home, playing, building and creating general mayhem when I am not watching, one thing is for sure, life with two boys is never dull!

Otto put together this bubble machine with Han's work, it has been his pride and joy to see it work and blow bubbles.  Another Engineer in the making.

Another week of school holidays is about to start and we are all excited and happy, we have a great week coming with so many adventures, it will be hard to send him back to Kindy!

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