Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Freeze time.

I missed last week's portraits, I didn't get them up on the blog because they don't exist, and while that makes me sad it is a true reflection of the week that was.  Sometimes you and win and sometimes you don't.

Right now, I just want to freeze time, I am in the midst of parenting small people that at times is unbearably challenging, and brings me so much joy.  I get to hold two little hands in mine every day and my lap is the richest commodity and fought over often in this house.  My time away from home as I increased working has taught me just how much of a privilege it is to spend so much time within their little worlds while they will still have me.


Life is a roller coaster and as we head for a new bend it is up to me to keep it upward.  Han is yet again employed but as is the norm within his profession it will involve long stints away from home often, with short respites of family time.  Hopefully it won't be for very long.

So soon, it will be just me and the boys.  Grateful for the amazing capabilities of my husband to find work again so quickly (7 weeks) but missing him like crazy.  We have ridden the FIFO (fly in fly out) roller coaster before, so I have some idea of what is coming, but that was all before children.

Thank God for coffee, wine and chocolate!

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