Saturday, July 13, 2013


Otto:  Kindy went back this week and we all enjoyed the distraction, it was bittersweet for me, I knew you really enjoyed it, but at the same time I had a fun school break with you.  The closer you get to four the more I start to see the testosterone surge I have been warned of, I foresee some new challenging lessons coming our way, but don't worry, we will get there together.

Hugo:  This week you have really started to communicate with us, not so much with words but with your body language.  Earlier you wanted the music changed, so you found me, took my hand and led me to the lounge room then started dancing and pointing at the computer.  Once I switched it over to the wiggles, your face lit up and you treated me to your full repertoire of dance moves.  

This has been a strange old week, there is some promising news for Han which should hopefully be confirmed in the next few days, and while we are both relieved it is sad to think that these days might soon be nearing an end.  Finally we seem to have found the right balance and are starting to work so much more as a team on the home front, but that is life isn't it.  Onward to the next stage where we will surely face new challenges and new wonderful moments.

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  1. Lovely photos again this week ... there's something about water that makes for great pictures :0)

  2. Your two boys are sooo cute. Hugo looks like he is having a blast! All my four just love the water too - I am letting them enjoy the bath (as opposed to the shower) for as much as possible over the coming months as there is no bathtub planned for the new house (I know!) xx