Thursday, February 7, 2013

War and Peace.

Lately a war has commenced in our home.

Otto has declared war on sibling love, ever since starting kindy Hugo has become his nemesis and frankly I am at a loss, everything I read and have been told tells me this is a passing phase, one that can't pass fast enough for this mum.

Trying to run him over with the office chair, pulling him around by one arm, jumping over him as though we are in a circus and Hugo is the prey and Otto the lion, head butting and pushing is all getting a bit much.  Other adult men tell me this is all part of growing up with brothers, it seems so tribal and cave like to me, I am here to raise lovely gentle men, not behemoth males.  So we forge on, directing care and gentleness where possible and a healthy amount of time out when it all gets too much.  Hugo for all the mistreatment he is receiving still lights up when his brother enters the room, and chases him down whenever he leaves the room.

Every now and then the nice moments present themselves once again and I can see the real true love underneath the frustration and jealousy, the boy who will become the man that he is destined to be, not the one anyone forces him to be, my independent spirit, my gentle loving 3 year old boy.

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