Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our recent adventure.

On the way to Kindy pick up yesterday I had a brain wave, time for an adventure afternoon.  Situated very closely to Otto's Kindy is a Koala Sanctuary with many animals on display and an area to feed Kangaroos with lots to explore for curious minded little boys.  We had a great time wandering around the exhibits, searching for the different animals in their burrows or high in the trees.  It felt great to be exploring the world through they eyes of a child again and reminds me that an escape from the routine of our week is great for everyone.

 There was a lot of talking to Kangaroos, and describing which ones were babies and mummies, and which ones were Otto's.

And of course feeding them.

We talked about how big they all were, why some are Kangaroos and some are called Wallabies.

Hugo had a great time, and shrieked and yelled at them constantly, which made them suitably freaked out, causing him only to yell at them more.

I can see a lot of Kangaroo afternoons in our future, which couldn't make me happier, this is already an extra special place for me.  Otto took his first steps right on that grass celebrating his first birthday.  I wonder what special memories we can make here this year?

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