Monday, February 4, 2013

A new generation.

As Otto will now be at Kindy each Tuesday I have enrolled Hugo and I into a baby and mum's class.  The exact same class I used to attend when Otto was a baby.

It was gratifying and amazing to sit back and watch, think, and reminisce on that stage of motherhood when I  had only one spirited baby, full of nerves, tense with the enormity of becoming a mother for the first time, no sleep and having little idea what I was doing.  I could see myself reflected back in the faces and smiles of some of those around me.

Part of me would do anything to go back and have my Otto smiling up at me, his toothless smile, pumping chubby legs, I often wonder if I knew then what I know now would things have been different, would I have relaxed more?  Probably not, that is the story we share, of fumbling through and carving out the start of his life the best way I knew how, and for all the fumbling I have an amazing 3 year old, wonderful memories, and the best gift of all.  A chance to do it all again, but this time with Hugo.

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