Sunday, October 7, 2012

Insect party.

Thanks to an obsession with insects at the moment this years birthday party theme was an easy one!  I have learnt my lesson from years past and was a bit more organised than usual, however I still managed to leave a heap of things to the last minute.  Maybe next year I will be 100% organised.

I only wanted a handful of friends to come, those that Otto actually plays with regularly plus a few that we haven't had a chance to catch up with since moving back to the country and having a baby in quick succession.  We were lucky that everyone was able to come and help us celebrate this amazing little boy of ours.

I had wanted to incorporate some messy play into the day especially as that is usually Otto's favourite activity in our week, and mess can make anything fun.

Digging for bugs was the first activity I thought of, just some soil, in a plastic clam shell and hidden plastic insects throughout.

Digging got a huge amount of attention from the kids, in each of their party bags which I gave at the beginning was a jar, and whatever bugs they managed to find they could take home in their jar, along with a magnifying glass and some stickers.

I also had some insects hidden in slime, it took a little while for everyone to warm up to the slime, but once they got the idea there were slime and dirt covered children everywhere.

The final activity was fly swatter painting.  Han had managed to bring home some big pages of scrap paper form work and I covered them in stickers of ants and other insects.  This activity was by far the slowest to take off, but once it did there was no holding them back.

As usual I didn't get a huge amount of photos, I was too busy catching up and enjoying watching everyone enjoy themselves.  It was such a wonderful day, Otto had a great time and loved having all his friends surrounding him.  As a parent I find great joy watching those near and dear to me love my own children.

Present time is always so exciting no matter what age you are, and this year Otto really understood what it all meant.  

His face was priceless, especially once Fireman Sam was discovered.  

Another birthday done, our next one will be Hugo's first birthday which will come around soon enough I am sure.

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