Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hugo 4 months.

So this is a little late, the poor thing is 20 weeks tomorrow and I am just getting around to it.  To say life is busy is a huge understatement, I have taken to closing the door to my laundry in an effort to convince myself it doesn't exist.  Sadly that tactic doesn't keep us in fresh underwear for long.

So a while ago Hugo was four months.  

This little guy is doing well.  Sleep, or lack of was our biggest issue this month, we seem to finally be on the road to recovery and the household is catching up which means I might slowly be getting my sense of humour back.

No major milestones, almost rolling over; loves to sit up; he has really mastered his hands and the ability to manipulate objects, especially right into his mouth; and lots of smiles peppered with a few giggles.

Life is busy, exhausting, tedious and frustrating at it's worst.  The thing about motherhood though, is the moment you think you can't handle another minute, you do, you handle it, and wait for the moment of transcendent happiness that comes sooner or later and makes you fit to burst.  What a roller coaster.

For my own fun, here are Otto and Hugo side by side.  Somehow I managed without knowing to put them in the same overalls for their 4 month picture.

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