Sunday, November 20, 2016

So what has been happening?

So, It has been almost a year since I have sat at my desk and contemplated this spot, and I have just spent a good evening reading back through my old posts.  What a wonderful trip down memory lane that was.

To catch this space up properly would take far too long, so here are the cliff notes!

  • I did the Mooloolaba Triathlon in just over 3 hours.
  • Hugo started Kindergarten and loves it.
  • Otto started year 1 and isn't convinced by this whole school and work idea.
  • I fell pregnant and moved house in the same month.
  • I swam throughout my whole pregnancy but that was the only training I did.
  • I had the most delightful and amazing baby girl, we called her Miriam.

  • We are now complete as a family and I couldn't be prouder of our three beautiful children.
  • I competed in the swim leg of the 2016 Noosa Triathlon after 3 weeks of training and a seriously bad head cold and got my arse handed to me!
  • I have read so many books since falling pregnant and during breastfeeding and will do a post about my favourites soon.
So obviously life has been busy, fun and crazy, I am hoping to use this space to keep an online diary of my own training journey to Noosa Tri, to keep me honest and somewhere that I can come to reflect once it is all said and done!

Welcome Back!

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