Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting back into it.

One big impact of having Miriam and training has been all about patience.  When I had Otto I wasn't doing any exercise, my activity level mostly consisted of walking our dog, I had tried to get into running but found that I just couldn't find the time, something I have a little giggle about now!  When I had Hugo it started off the same, I just couldn't seem to find the time, however after about six months I realised it was something that I HAD to find time for or else my sense of self was going to be wrapped up in these two amazing but demanding boys, and I needed something for me.

I bought my first running pram not long after so that it didn't matter if Han was home from work on time, or travelling, I could always get my run done.  It took me over 12 weeks to complete the couch to 5Km but it was one of the best decisions I have made.  It propelled me into a new passion, running was something that was relatively free, easy to do with the boys in tow and I could fit it in around our schedule.  Fast forward many months and I found Triathlon, now the boys are older and I was trying to fit in swimming, running and riding around our schedule while Han had taken a job that included more travel.

Then we decided to have another baby, it is one way to test your organisational ability by adding another human to look after, especially as Han travelled for work on the first day of term 2 when Miriam was 2 weeks old!  This time around I have had to learn patience, both with myself and my body, having a third baby, who was both big and late means that the effect on my body has taken longer to heal, and in some cases is still ongoing.  I would have loved nothing more in those early days to head out for a run and clear my head, or go to the pool and spend some time on myself, but after heading to the pool once at 7 weeks after giving birth I quickly learned that I needed to go slower.

So finally now that Miriam is 8 months old I am ready to get back into it, my expectations have been suitably lowered, I understand that it will take time to be able to do what I used to do, and while it can be frustrating, I am trying to remember to love my body for all it has given me.  Because while it might be a bit extra lumpy and bumpy right now, I wouldn't change these children for all the world.  

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