Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers day and little happenings.

Mothers day this year started earlier than planned and exerting a lot more energy than in years past.  My mum and I ran the 8km mothers day classic.  It was great to run this together, my mum is certainly a fitness role model for me, less than a year ago she had an operation for an ACL reconstruction which has left her with nerve damage and significant pain, yet she trained for and completed this run with me.  My mum has always been a great fitness role model for me and I hope that I can continue with that for my children.  Although I would like to note how unfair it is that I somehow inherited the gene that makes me look like a tomato after running and mum looks as fresh as a daisy!

I was pretty stoked to finish in the top 20% for my age group and another personal best for running.  Next up is the color run in June, and then the big one, 10km in the Brisbane marathon, that training will involve me getting up very early on these cold winter mornings as the kids are not so happy to sit for long periods in the cycling chariot while I train.

After beccoming drenched and heading home for nice hot showers, mum and I were treated to some lovely champagne and breakfast from my sister and her boyfriend. I was also given my first ever child made mothers day present and it is certainly my most treasured so far.

Our lovely family on Sunday, certainly a reminder of all that I love, and that I should probably also book myself in to have my eyebrows attended.

Instagram happenings:

1. Slide fun at the park waiting for Daddy, suddenly Hugo seems to be doing more and more.
2. Day old chicks.
3. I died from the cute almost on the spot.
4. Brown paper packages are amazing, but sadly too big so off they go again.