Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dining room.

So these are the before photos of our dining room.  It is a beauty, the wood in this room for some reason does not match the wood throughout the rest of the house.  The lino is in pretty good shape and will be staying until we lift all the flooring up to polish the floorboards (which can't happen soon enough!)

I have some lovely plans for in here, but I am still hunting for the perfect wallpaper to cover up all that brown.

This picture is looking in from the lounge room   The kitchen is on the left (ahem, that would be the right), and you can see the back door.  The whole room is small, dark and has no natural light except for a skylight positioned above the table.

Looking from the kitchen.  The light fixtures will stay for the moment, I find them a bit quirky and retro and will match the overall look for the dining room, at least temporarily until we change a few things around in the house.  The wall where the high chair is was actually an exterior wall until the original owners put an extension on the back of the house.  Thankfully we have those original plans to aid us with further work in that area.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I try to transform it from, lets face it, a pretty ugly boring dining room into something a little more updated.

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