Monday, June 25, 2012

Our life.

It has been a while, too long really.  There I was starting up a new blog ready to document our life in Indonesia, only to find out with little notice that we were coming home to Australia just weeks before our second child was born.

What followed has been a rollercoaster of goodbyes and the best hello when we welcomed Hugo into the world in May.

To say that we are in love with this little boy doesn't seem enough, he has given us so much joy and of course also not a lot of sleep since he arrived.

Otto has taken so well to the role of big brother, he loves Hugo and although sometimes he seems to love him just a bit too much, or with a bit too much exuberance I think they will have such a lovely bond as they grow up.

 Hugo after his first bath.

 The new Hooi family.

Hugo now at 1 month old.

We are loving being back in Brisbane, having our families and friends around through this special time has been great.  Not to mention all they help they have given us!  Hopefully I get to come and update here more often, sadly I don't really get the big camera out as much anymore but I have become a paparazzi with the iphone since Hugo was born.

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