Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh hi!

My poor neglected blog, while it hasn't been far from my thoughts for the last month I just haven't managed a time to keep it updated.  Hugo has taken his poor sleeping record and shown me just how bad it can get lately, with multiple wakings resulting in about 4 hours sleep on a bad night, or 6 hours sleep on a good night!  I have been so exhausted that keeping up with anything that isn't imperative to survival (or limited training) has been dropped in favour of sleep, or at least tuning out to the television, while I wait for the cries that tell me I need to re settle again and again and again.  The last few nights however have been a little better, we got a bit tougher with him over the weekend and it seems to be paying off, so my fingers are crossed that I might soon enjoy a good nights sleep again.

Throughout this time I have had to cut back on some training, it just hasn't been as easy to head out in the cold with two kids in the pram while I have been so exhausted.  I am still doing as much as possible, however it has left me feeling very under prepared for the half marathon in 10 days!

I did get some encouragement recently when I smashed a PB during a park run by a long shot, I still can't believe I managed it with both kids in the pram, this time last year I would never have dreamed it was possible.

10 days to go!  Can I bring it in under 2 hours?  Fingers are crossed.

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